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HMC or as it is called 8MC "The Motor Company" was Founded in 1963
Started out as a Motorcycle Club, in the 70-80`s  
Today we provide discreet security and transport of Product, Person and Property.
The Hellbenders MC is a professional logistic and security company, based on the values we have in the HMC .
The amount of jobs we solved and the work load that build op through the 1980`s 90´s and the 00´s have evolved the skills of the employees to highly trained, security and armed personnel.
In 2008 we opened a series of Garage and custom services in connection to our storage, service and training facilties in Europe.
and they specialised in improving and customizing the Harley Davidson Motorcycles. This division of HMC has grown into the Hellbenders Milwaukee Eight Garage, and since 2016, the Garage division only have focus on improving and customize the HD - Porche design Milwaukee eight engine.

The logistic, pickup, storage, shooting range  and custom shop locations.

  1. HMC: Luxembourg
  2. HMC: Copenhagen Denmark
  3. HMC: Den Haag Hollland
  4. HMC: Zug  Sweitzerland
  5. HMC: Antibes France
  6. HMC: Biarritz France
  7. HMC: Tarragona Cat. Spain
  8. HMC: Peniscola Cat. Spain
  9. HMC: Cartagena Murcia spain
  10. HMC: Milwaukee Eight Itinerant / Mobile